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Bison Homes
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The Bison Museum

Bison Museum

The Bison Museum showcases one of the premier bison and western collections in the country. It includes such notables as the “Dances with Wolves” display with authentic props and memorabilia from the 1990 Kevin Costner movie that won 7 Oscars and won another 29 awards from various cinematography groups worldwide.

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The collection continues with an array of Native American artifacts, and a vast assortment of bronzes, paintings and prints by the likes of Remington, Russell, Catlin, Damrow, Clymer, and commissioned works by Ron Schwartz and others.

Buffalo Bill's RifleThe extensive Buffalo Bill Cody exhibit features prints, photos, his famous Sharps rifle and much more.

The Museum houses the “Singing Bison Family; Dad, Mom and babies, along with Digger the prairie dog – a full size animatronics display of a typical bison family on the open prairies – without the singing of course.

Also diplayed is the Flagg Family Art Collection, a tribute to Scottsdale’s own “first family” of western artists. The Flagg works include hundreds of items from paintings to sketches, from the original Parada del Sol program cover artwork to life size wood carved figures of Buffalo Bill, Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok and others.

Wyatt Earp Buffalo Bill

The museum is complemented by a western library, gift shop, large conference room, refreshment lounge, and the Bison Homes Information Center. The complete facility offers the perfect setting for private gatherings of any type; from business meetings to company parties, from charity events to guest speakers.

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